• About ISG

    People Centered | Technology Driven

    Our Mission

    ISG improves student outcomes through exceptional, people-centered service.

    Our Vision

    A world where a seamless, frustration-free distance and in-person education experience for all students, instructors and staff is the norm.

    Our Core Values

    • Employee-focused culture
    • World-class customer service
    • Family oriented
    • Ethics above all else
    • Technology-based effectiveness
  • From our founder and CEO

    A core component of our philosophy around services is to provide a high-touch end user experience, create efficiencies for our client resources, and to provide data and analytics to drive continuous improvement. In order to successfully deliver on this model, it is important that we have the right people, processes, tools, and a collaborative relationship with our clients.


    We believe that student outcomes in education can be improved through better engagement, minimizing obstacles, and great service. Understanding student needs, predicting peaks, and reducing obstacles is critical to achieving student and institution success.


    InSource Services Group approaches each client individually to understand their needs and desired outcomes. We design, build, and deliver a solution specific to each client. We apply our domain expertise of the education market and leverage industry best practices in an unparalleled partner approach to achieve our clients' goals.


    And lastly but most importantly, we deliver and manage our team in a human-centric way. We manage and lead with care and compassion. We feel that if we treat our employees with utmost respect and provide authentic care and compassion as individuals, this same care and compassion manifests itself into how our team interacts with our customers, students, faculty, and staff that we support.


    Best regards,

    Russ Seiter

    Founder and CEO

  • Our Employees Say...

    ISG is an extended digital family... each individual... has a variety of specific skill sets that combine to create a collaborative approach to provide high-quality support.

    Our Employees Say...

    (ISG is) a high-achieving, student-centered company that values work/life balance.

    Our Employees Say...

    (We are) serious about the work and outcomes... we all work together for a common goal.

    Our Employees Say...

    I believe we exemplify true customer service and support with our knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and engaged team.

    Our Employees Say...

    ISG provides high quality service to education organizations from a team of united, competent, dedicated, and customer-service driven employees.

    Our Employees Say...

    ISG creates consistent, quality support that allows our clients to shine, through cultivating a team mentality and valuing the skills and contributions of its staff.

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