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Enrollment Services

Now more than ever, it's crucial to maximize your qualified lead flow and grow your enrollments. ISG breaks the numbers game by taking a human-centric approach to recruitment, utilizing state-of-the-art technology combined with a personalized, grounded touch.
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Outstanding customer service, ease of use and access are what sets winning institutions apart from the rest. For this reason, our enrollment support model provides a person-centered approach to student recruitment. We meet potential students where they are, and focus on relationship building to optimize conversions. As institution-branded advisors, our enrollment specialists utilize live phone, chat, web forms, email and AI to create a world-class customer service experience. Consider us an extension of your team, working on your behalf to drive enrollments. 

We've partnered with Ins & Outs (aka Insights & Outcomes) to provide data-driven strategic and analytical services that help leverage insights, artificial intelligence, consumer psychology, economics, marketing and critical thinking to achieve and exceed strategic enrollment goals. This means more, better qualified leads, and enrollment growth for your target programs.