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Full Service Marketing and Analytics

In our data-driven world, the right strategy and application of data and analytics throughout your institution can mean the difference between education market dominance and irrelevance. Through our partnership with Ins & Outs (aka Insights & Outcomes) we holistically combine expertise, proprietary technology, agility, speed and strategic focus to answer critical business questions, provide strategy, and leverage robust and dynamic data to drive insights you’ve always needed but never had.
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We've partnered with Ins & Outs, a premier full-service marketing and analytics agency, to help you harness the power of data by extracting data-driven insights that align with your organizational goals to make objective, measurable decisions. Data-driven intelligence removes the guesswork from the decision making process, enabling you to create objective organizational change to optimize results. 

Our analytics are specifically designed for higher education. We uncover insights that break down program mix performance, demand forecasts, peer comparisons, competitive opportunities, and recommendations. The process is designed to ensure you’re getting high quality information extracted to specifically answer key strategic questions for your institution. Data-driven insights provide the objective lens necessary to capitalize on today's competitive education landscape. 

  • Data-driven, strategic consulting
  • Data science-as-a-service (DSaaS)
  • Advanced analytics and predictive modeling
  • Targeted marketing strategy