Student Services

Student Services

We partner with our clients to determine what student success looks like, how to improve processes and experiences, and achieve measurable goals. Our Success Coaches, Placement Coordinators and Support Reps are an extension of our partner institutions, providing seamless, exceptional service. ISG has customizable solutions to ensure world-class customer service that retains your students.
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Retaining your existing students is a key success factor for any program. Studies have proven that nearly 48% of student attrition drivers relate to poor service and experiences in dealing with the institution. The impact of administrative delivery functions directly affects retention efforts. Seamless, frustration-free help and guidance can make the difference between a satisfied student and a transfer.

Our experienced Success Coaches, Placement Coordinators, and Support Reps bridge the service gap between student and institution by providing exceptional, branded service that is designed to retain your existing students and help them succeed through graduation. We tailor our student support solutions to meet the unique needs of your programs and institution, providing an integrated customer service experience for your current students. From coaching to financial aid and general help-desk services, we have you covered. Our support means students can focus on what really matters - their goals and dreams. 

Our Solutions

  • Student Success Coaches
  • Placement Coordinators
  • General Student Support Call Center
  • Financial Aid Services